A popular expression in Sapa used by street sellers, You Buy From Me is also a website coming soon to a screen near you.

Will you buy from me ?

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You buy from me (the shop)

You are probably aware of Craftlink organisation in Hanoi, representing 63 artisan groups and helping sell local handicrafts from ethnic groups. Their products are not sold online and their website is not using internet to it’s full potential. Craftlink had partner with Oxfam Vietnam for the Sapa Fair trade program but the 2 years program recently closed.

The local people may have found a new/great customer and benefited from some educational teaching, their products may be on a website somewhere but why be limit to a few customers ? when you can have worldwide presence with the web …

A web platform (selling local handicrafts)

You can not go in Sapa streets without having +10 streets sellers asking you : “You buy from me” or “You buy something from me” You’ll see by yourself, it’s a real characteristic of Sapa. It’s even became a problematic for the authorities…

Imagine the scene : a street seller approach a tourist …
Hello you buy from me ? … NO thank you ! Ok, take my card and visit my shop on internet, the “code 324” will get you 10% discount, thank you, bye bye.

  • In fact, the code “324” is a referrer and we know from who the sale comes from
  • Hundreds of street sellers could be distributing their business cards in Sapa
  • We can reward the street seller with a commission ($)
  • It’s the solution for potential customers with NO place in their luggages
  • The coupon discount makes the tourists happy (and left alone)
  • It offer the street sellers an alternative (instead of following people) to make a future sale
  • And also could have an impact on the relation tourists-locals, think about it for a minute…

Allow us to introduce (YBFM)

Part of our San Sa Ho Trainings program, we strongly believe in achieving a lot more results with a simple and well executed local campaign (involving all the street sellers) coupled to an internet strategy to reach the masses.

The reflexion was simple : Why focus on a partner [include name here] when the whole world can order directly from the locals ? Why use an intermediary to find potential customers when a website can accomplish the same result ? It probably never been done before because of the knowledge, and/or the resources to accomplish such project but today is different : They have the best internet address that exist on earth, a modern web platform at their disposal, experts teaching them how to use it

A unique sponsorship opportunity (still open)

Ethnic minorities of Sapa district first, but the web platform is designed in a way which makes it easy to implement new communities. We hope for an official opening early 2013, everything is prepared and configurated, waiting for last approvals before field work. Until then, it is now possible to have YOU featured on the Women Union YBFM website as the main sponsor, which will help for this community project web development.