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A new website and a new chapter can now begin...

Taphin new website available

by / Monday, 08 April 2013 / Published in Web / Tagged

We’re pleased to revealed Taphin new website today A bright, revamped, user-friendly site with main objective to streamline community development throughout responsible tourism. A web platform benefiting to the local communities who aims to allow visitors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the the lifestyle, culture and traditions of the Red Dao & Black Hmong ethnic minorities of Sapa district.

Still not completed and under major development, our new site will offer information about the best different tours available and provide a projects section for anyone who wants to get involved in the local communities projects. However, it is possible to create your account and become a friend of Taphin.

Taphin new web (optimized for mobile phones)

Note that if you visit this website on your phone, it looks exactly like it does on your computer. We envision the future and the website is the direct consequence of the latest technologies available, ready to exploit the HTML5 features to it’s fullest potential.