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Hmong Shop

Saturday, 23 March 2013

That big Hmong Shop dot twit (slash # thing) Why do simple when you can do complicated huh !?! It is our friend “May oi” who recently created her online shop This little Hmong shop, and to encourage her in her business initiative : we’re dedicating her this unique web address… *feel free to use

Sapa pictures project for poor people

Thursday, 03 January 2013

Delivery of your Sapa pictures The Sapa pictures project may seems like a simple thing for you reading this webpage but most of the families living in the ethnic minorities villages surrounding Sapa don’t even have pictures of themselves. And we invite you to send them yours. Ultra personalized service (UPS) We are very fortunate

Textiles tours in Vietnam

Monday, 12 November 2012

Textiles tours (with ethnic guides) The textiles tours are fascinating excursions which can now be experienced in Vietnam. The textiles tours provide a glimpse into the traditional weaving and decorating practices of the ethnic minorities in the region. The special clothes are created with special techniques handed down over the generations, and viewing the unique

Corn wine from Bac Ha, Ha Giang

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Corn wine from Ban Pho (Ha Giang province) Bac Ha is a beautiful land with nice dancing of Thai people and the intense corn wine bowl. Bac Ha corn wine is the pure water with water spumes made from a type of the local corn. The corn is planted in stone mountain. After 4 months

Sapa web network of ethnic villages

Wednesday, 08 August 2012

The adventure started on January 09th (2011) We first secured the address and our Sapa web network of ethnic minorities villages domain names is constantly growing since. We’re reached a point where it would be a fiction to accomplish a better performance. We now have 99 domain names covering most of our activities into

For the collection of our ethnic minority villages, we start organizing the tour packages on Muong Hoa website and the villages listing now have a more appealing visual. There is still no detailed description of each village as we only changed the villages of Sapa District homepage. We will complete this task for all of

The ethnic minority markets Ethnic minority markets attracts more and more people tourists visiting Sapa area to discover the hills tribes villages They are coming only for 1 day or 2 and the visit to the market is right on their arrival to the train station (or just before they leave) and Sapa is for

Northern highlands trail (dot com)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

8 provinces to discover (in 1 package) SNV Vietnam identified a range of opportunities to foster regional co-operation and to develop the Northern Highlands Trail as a unified and uniquely special tourism destination. The Northern Highlands is one of the poorest areas of Viet Nam and includes the three poorest provinces in the country and

The IT initiation class is an educational project for the San Sa Ho commune to offer the local people a place to learn how to perform behind a keyboard. Access to IT (information technologies) Computers and the Internet are powerful tools that provide opportunities for people to improve their social and economic well-being. It is

San Sa Ho commune deserve +3000 people (from 3 villages) Hello world, my name is Steven, I am French Canadian living in central Vietnam since 2007. I discovered Cat Cat village in November 2010, I wanted to check my emails with my phone but there was no internet access available, no Wifi and no 3G