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Shan Tuyet Tea of Northern Vietnam

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The Shan Tuyet Tea produced in Hoang Su Phi district, a remote mountainous area, particularly Phin Ho village is one of most richest villages because villagers are exploiting available potentials and strengths to develop economy and built a community-based tourism culture village combining with new rural development. Most specific feature is hundreds-year-old Shan Tuyet Tea trees. Thanks to favor of the nature, climate in Hoang Su Phi is cool and fresh around year. Together with abundant water resource, these are good conditions for development of tea trees.

Few months ago, we noticed (here) MACDI institute implementing a program of community development activities and research on the Shan Tuyet Tea to implement a project in the Northern Highlands Trail of Viet Nam.

There is also Helvetas (a Swiss confederation) who’s also working on a Shan Tuyet Tea project (here) and doing a simple research on the internet make you discover plenty of others actors working on similar Shan Tuyet Tea projects …

Shan Tuyet Tea (dot com)

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