Sapa web network of ethnic villages

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The adventure started on January 09th (2011)

We first secured the address and our Sapa web network of ethnic minorities villages domain names is constantly growing since. We’re reached a point where it would be a fiction to accomplish a better performance. We now have 99 domain names covering most of our activities into a priceless domain names portfolio. It costed us A LOT more than we can afford but let’s talk again in 5 years from now to see if it was worth the investment.

Cat Cat village was the first (of a long serie)

Luckily for us, the web address was for sale and luckily for the village, we are people of action and we are now wondering what we could do with such a great internet address, other than offering everybody an online identity with addresses such as “” and here are the possibilities after our first thoughts :

What to do with such a great web property ? (we knew)

1) An information site | 2) A daily pictures blog | 3) With a members area | 4) Showing online ads | 5) Buy local articrafts online | 6) Publish online souvenir picture for 5$ | 7) Donate money to help local people | 8) Support a local person | 9) Contribute to the village | 10) Sponsor villagers projects | 11) Trekkings with locals | 12) Donation Boxes | 13) Black Hmong gallery | 14) All of the above … (!?!)

The Red Dao trilogy (1 year later)

the red dao trilogy The registration of the address was a strategic move and it open us the doors on the ethnic minority people, on top of the villages they are living and the mix of those 2 together can help us accomplish extraordinary things. We then acquired internet property few months later (a great addition in complement of our first purchase bringing the projet on another level and not only be focus on ONE but TWO of the most popular ethnic minorities of Sapa district. Having no idea of what to do with such domain names yet but it’s secured, it’s ours and that’s the most important thing for now. We are very excited today (27/01/12) to have obtained this unique internet property and completed the Red Dao trilogy.

Unique & targeted domain names (portfolio & strategy)

Domain names in the virtual world are the equivalent of a real estate property in the real world. You can have name such as : CatCatVillage.Com or CatCatVietnam.Com but there’s only one CatCat.Com in the whole world because each domain name is unique. We are fortunate enough (worked hard for this result) to own great domain names portfolio which are major keywords in the tourism industry of Sapa district.

A recent example with
Registrar History: 2 registrars with 1 drop.
NS History: 11 changes on 6 unique name servers over 3 years.
IP History: 48 changes on 12 unique IP addresses over 6 years.
Whois History: 45 records have been archived since 2007-11-09.

Traveling on the internet (more and more)

You’ll be surprise with the number of people planning their vacations using the internet. Have you ever had a look at the cool online resources that are now available to plan your next vacation. People pondering vacations are turning more to the computers on their desks and cellphones in their pocket to help them plan. From MapQuest for directions to TripAdvisor for reservations and recommendations, phone apps and Internet sites have become increasingly important to map out getaways. But others use a combination of the web and traditional travel agents to get the job done.

A life changing strategy (the 99 domain names web strategy)

The numbers are growing every day, there is today 28,700,000 results for the request Black Hmong and 22,600,000 results for the Red Dao (for the archives) Can you imagine what those numbers will be in 2-5 years from now ? We believe that “Science and technology coupled with men of good will is one way to solve hunger and poverty worldwide”. It will to take us certain amount of time to prove our theory but we’re actively working on it and very excited to feel the potential the internet is offering for the development of the local communities.

CatCat.Com - The first of a long serie

Sapa web network (the quest continue in 2012)

2012/12/26 –, for the name of the movie
2012/12/12 –, another district of Lao Cai province
2012/11/12 –, another great adventure
2012/10/08 –, for our new web platform address
2012/08/22 –, for another community project
2012/08/19 –, the home of the corn wine in North Vietnam
2012/08/06 – and, to complete a serie
2012/07/20 – is joining our web network
2012/06/30 –, Sapa village from Nam Sai commune
2012/06/18 –, Sapa village from Ta Van commune
2012/05/26 –, means “See you again”
2012/05/12 –, Sapa village from Thanh Phu commune
2012/05/01 –, Sapa village from Ban Phung commune
2012/04/12 –, Ethnic market from Ha Giang province
2012/03/30 –, soon to be a North Vietnam project

See all of them (in 1 place)

Usually, a website have a sitemap to display all of its pages under the same page. In our case, we have a .com to display all of our .com under the same place. Including : the communes of Sapa district (12) the hill tribes villages of Sapa district (24) the adventures, the new attractions in Bat Xat district, the markets in Northern Vietnam, some communes of Bac Ha distric, some sites of interest in Ha Giang province. Learn more about our current projects and how YOU can get involved.