Poor people pictures project

This unique initiative offer you the chance to deliver your Sapa pictures to the person on it.

Sapa pictures project for poor people

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Delivery of your Sapa pictures

The Sapa pictures project may seems like a simple thing for you reading this webpage but most of the families living in the ethnic minorities villages surrounding Sapa don’t even have pictures of themselves. And we invite you to send them yours.

Ultra personalized service (UPS)

We are very fortunate to go to Cat Cat village every day taking pictures, people are recognizing us more and more and we’ve become known as the distributor of plastic pictures. It’s very rewarding to distribute happiness in the eyes of those who receives their portrait, and this is where the inspiration came from.

Imagine printing your own pictures and going back to the village *to deliver this unique “souvenir of yours” to the person who is on the picture. Well, it is now possible using our exclusive service and you can even offer you to choose the text to display on the pictures ! We also have this unique opportunity where you can sponsor a photographer, who will be distributing 100 portraits per month for a monthly membership.