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Sapa club is the online web platform benefiting to ethnic minorities local communities.

Sapa Club – Join the club

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Sapa Club (web platform and more)

We first wanted to develop the platform under YouBuyFromMe name but it will be better for this brand name to be used exclusively for the local people handicrafts (no tours, no projects, etc.) So, we grouped in 1 address any products and/or services of Muong Hoa, moving ALL products to our new dedicated website Sapa Club. Muong Hoa won’t be selling tours on Muong Hoa website : We’ll use the Sapa Club platform instead. It will be easier to manage for us and also have lot’s of advantages for the users.

Order online (coming soon)

We are happy to present the membership level with this major update. Means users can create a FREE account and participate in various projects in order to increase their membership level with items such as : tours, projects, memberships, sponsorships, etc.