Photos Tour Sapa

Learn photography and how to maximise your equipment in the rice paddies with Muong Hoa Sapa.

Photos tours Sapa, Northern Vietnam

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Photos tours Sapa (maximise your camera)

Our unique photos tours Sapa is a workshop designed to help you discover the best spots the countryside has to offer. Under the guidance of a local-based professional photographer, the tour also aims to improve your photography skills, in themiddle of the rice paddies scenery.

Anyone with an interest in photography, regardless of age, skill level, or equipment – you just need a sense of adventure and an eagerness to learn. We will take you to inspiring locations where you can explore with your camera. You’ll have long days in the rice field, trekking from early in the morning to late in the afternoon to take advantage of the best light. You will travel in the company of other photographers who share the same interest. Are these trips suitable for non-photographing friends or family? As long as they are patient and are happy to linger at locations. In some situations, such as with ethnic minorities, non-photographers will see much more than a casual traveler; additional exploration may be done individually. Feel free to contact us regarding specific tours.

Capture memorable moments (the best SaPa holidays)

Sapa district is one of the most photogenic area of Northern Vietnam for wonderful photographs. It is blessed with rice fields and mountainous landscapes. While amateur photographers want to capture the traditions of the villages, its people and scenery, it can be difficult to know where exactly to go, how to approach locals, and when to get the best light. Our photos tours Sapa will show you the best spots and how to capture it.