Muong Hoa web changes

There are some things in life that are worth to be wait to be appreciated ; Looks like is one of them !

Muong Hoa website updates

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May 14th 2011 (the restaurant)

The origin of domain name Muong Hoa : It was first registered for a restaurant website, but the web strategy proposed was not accepted. It is only after that we discovered Muong Hoa was the name of an hotel, of a street in Sapa, of a river and the name of the valley where most of our ethnic minorities are located.

September 1st 2011 (scene 1, take 2)

The domain name MuongHoa.Com now have another vocation, we just changed the webpage in the meantime we do something with it.

January 15th 2012 (the right path)

We have collected more than 400 email addresses from Vietnamese tours operators and sent them a message curious to see if someone could be interested by our domain names collection. As incredible as it sounds, 18% of the messages sent came back to us with an error message. Means the email on their website is not working + only 48% of them took the time to read my message but 0% take the time to answer us something. When we saw that no one seems interested : it comfirmed us we were on the right direction…

Febuary 5th 2012 (the website)

We wanted to have a visual on the we have in our portfolio so we builted another a temporary webpage to see all of the domain names in one look. Then, we started organizing them to see if we could promote the trekkings tours differently. The template of this new look is nice but unfortunately, it does not solve the problematic of tablets and mobiles devices display, which usage is growing every month so this new look won’t last long and we are already looking for an alternative.

New Muong Hoa homepage online

February 15th 2012 (the Sapa map)

We subscribed to the API of Google Maps and start discovering the beautiful things we can achieve with it.

February 23th 2012 (fully compatible)

website mobile phone optimized

Intro – Menu on top
It is with pleasure and great pride we are announcing today our website optimised for tablets and mobile phones devices of any size. We achieved this goal coding in HTML5 + some Javascript which make our website readable with ANY platform.

Content – All resizable
It made us save the development of a telephone version of our website, and/or learning new programmation language to achieve the same result. Try it by yourself by resizing your browser window if you are sit behind a computer screen.

Conclusion – Looking great
It is a BIG step in our development and make us save money but the best side of it is the fact that we only have one platform to update, which is also a great saving in time. A BIG thank you to the development team for the inspiration. Our website now display nicely whatever the platform used !!

March 11th 2012 (découvrez la vallée de Muong Hoa)

Muong Hoa website has been translated in French during the weekend and the Vietnamese language was next when we realized we were not solving the translations efficiently and went back to the drawing board. We founded an interesting alternative but we’ll get back to this once we will have more messages, more pages and more stories to be in any languages.

March 18th 2012 (join the club)

Today, we setup the members area …. But there is a new technology that just appeared and gave us some ideas. We’ll be placing this in stand-by the time we get familiar with this new “automated” way to update a members area and we’ll get back to this aspect when our guides will all have a mobile phone in their hands.

A pictures galleries section in creation

April 4th 2012 (news RSS Feed)

Muong Hoa RSS feed News feeds allow you to see when websites have added new content. You can get the latest headlines and video in one place, as soon as it’s published, without having to visit the websites you have taken the feed from. Feeds are generally known as RSS (‘Really Simple Syndication’) which are just web pages, designed to be read by computers rather than people. We are now providing you a feed and all of our news are listed here. Just copy that URL in your feed reader and you never have to come back on our site again … And here is the magic address of our feed.

August 20th 2012 (almost there)

We really like this new v3 design but it’s not “it” so we’re still working on the v4 …
Muong Hoa web platform

October 13th 2012 (the Sapa Club)

We first wanted to develop the platform under YouBuyFromMe name but it will be better for this brand name to be used exclusively for the local people handicrafts (no tours, no projects,etc.) So, we grouped in 1 address any products and/or services of Muong Hoa, moving ALL products to our new dedicated website Sapa Club. Muong Hoa won’t be selling tours on Muong Hoa website : We’ll use the Sapa Club platform instead. It will be easier to manage for us and also have lot’s of advantages for the users. In the meantime, there is still a lot of work ahead of us…

Muong Hoa web platform

March 25th 2013 (finally)

There are some things in life that are worth to be wait to be appreciate : Looks like our website is one of them 🙂 We can say on this date (almost 2 years later) that we founded the foundation we’ll be building the website However, it’s only features 4 section to this date and the tours/trekking/travel packages will be complete in a soon future. Stay tuned !