We are number 1

Muong Hoa ifoundation finish 1st at One Vietnam 1st fundraising event : How cool is that ?

Muong Hoa ifoundation finished 1st

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One Vietnam is an online network that connects you to millions of Vietnamese around the world. OVN came into being when a group of recent UC Berkeley and Harvard graduates perceived a growing disconnect between Vietnamese communities worldwide.

Since the post 1960s Vietnamese diasporas, Vietnamese have spread out across over thirty countries around the globe. With generation gaps widening and geographic barriers present, cultural identification languishes and philanthropic organizations lose what should be a strong support system. Using social media and Web 2.0, this group of college graduates developed OneVietnam with community, philanthropy, and online innovation in mind. Rather than creating another social network, the founders focused their network on cultivating ties between Vietnamese communities and providing an outlet for later Vietnamese future makers to get their voices heard. Job well done !!

Muong Hoa ifoundation is made possible by OVN, founded by 1st and 2nd generation Vietnamese-Americans, OneVietnam is an online network that acts as a nexus between individuals, communities, and philanthropic groups serving Vietnamese communities worldwide. Its interface uses the latest in Web 2.0 technology for easy accessibility and instant connections to causes most relevant to its members.

Muong Hoa finished 1st (for the 1st campaign)

Muong Hoa ifoundation at One Vietnam What we did not know is their website was just launched when we discovered it. Their first community goal was 1000 donations and it has been reached this morning (not even a month after it’s launch) where 20 organizations in Vietnam has to reach 50 donations to keep a permanent spot on the web platform (18 did) The uniqueness of OVN is the possibility for you and me to become a philanthropist (like Bill Gates) and raise money with your own ifoundation so you can donate to your favorite charitable causes. We play the game and we finished at the top position ! How we did this ? By being different from the others … Go have a look at OneVietnam, and while you there : Donate to Muong Hoa ifoundation, thank you.