IT Initiation class

It is a long term objective but we are sharing with the world now in case someone could manifest.

IT Initiation class in San Sa Ho & Ta Phin communes

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The IT initiation class is an educational project for the San Sa Ho commune to offer the local people a place to learn how to perform behind a keyboard.

Access to IT (information technologies)

Computers and the Internet are powerful tools that provide opportunities for people to improve their social and economic well-being. It is the original vision of Muong Hoa : To help the poorest, regardless of their situation, to pursue education and employment, access government services, learn about valuable health information, conduct business online, exchange information and ideas.

Learn to read first (then learn to type)

The purpose is to promote through education, the access to disadvantaged populations to development opportunities offered by Information Technologies (IT) by creating a computer room with free access where people will get familiar with the usage of a computer. This project result from a need identified by NGOs and institutions working on the field. In collaboration with professional teams, we will develop innovative approaches to fight poverty in an efficient and sustainable manner. We will bring expertise, funding research and management for a progressive transfer of the students to a professional team. Our objective is for the villagers to get them familiar with computers and those who will discover a new passion may also have the chance to make a career in this field.

IT initiation class (we need more than a million Dong)

The IT Initiation center project is dedicated to open a world of knowledge and opportunity by providing free access to computers and to Internet. We can not do this alone and we are thinking about the 2014 Access to Learning Award (ATLA) from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is an award that recognizes the innovative efforts of organizations outside of the United States to connect people to information through free access to computers and the Internet and the recipient of the Access to Learning Award will receive $1M (USD)