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Will eventually feature our unique & exclusive ecological tours & trekking in the national park of Sapa district.

Hoang Lien national park

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Statistics reveal that tourist arrivals shot up to Hoang Lien national park and there is a variety of tourism activities: from natural-based tourism like walking or climbing on mountains, landscape sightseeing, biology researching, or adventurous trips (Fansipan trekking, sports tours) to cultural tourism like village visiting, community-based activities etc. This message today just to remember we registered HoangLienNationalPark.com domain name where we will be developing exclusive and exciting new tours to discover Sapa district.

About the “soon to be” Hoang lien national park

Marvelous landscapes and unique ethnic culture attracts more and more tourists to Sapa District in general, and to HLNP in particular. The park is bordered by the following villages: Ta Phoi (Lao Cai Town), Thanh Kim, Nam Sai, Nam Cang (Sa Pa District) and Nam Xe (Van Ban District) in the East; Ta Giang Phin, Ta Phin, Ban Khoang and Trung Trai (Sa Pa District) in the North; Phong Tho District (Lai Chau Province) in the West; Ho Mit, Than Thuoc, Muong Khao villages (Than Uyen District) and Van Ban District in the South.