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Tourists contributing to community development with this innovative way of raising funds using the internet.

The “Friends of Cat Cat” fundraising campaign

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What is the Friends of Cat Cat ? (and why)

Because everybody is doing the same things the same way, we created a different product that offer visitors the opportunity to contribute to community development. It has been developed few months ago and ready to be launch. We signed agreements with the Commune of San Sa Ho and their bank account is configurated.

  • 1. A local villager taking your picture
  • 2. You become a “Friend of Cat Cat” on our website
  • 3. Easy for you to share with friends on social medias

The “Friends of Cat Cat” campaign (CatCat.Com/YOU) is a unique way to generate revenues for the village projects and for future web developments. A unique prestation for 5$ at our shop or at the waterfall with a free gift when you donate more.

The major beneficiary (San Sa Ho elementary school)

It was built 5 years ago and teachers and students are moving classrooms these days because there is not enough space anymore. This school will be our objective for the first fundraising campaign where all funds raised will be use entirely for the benefit of San So Ho commune children and families.

Almost 10 years old The San Sa Ho elementary school The primary school at San Sa Ho was part of a wider Oxfam programme, which aimed to ensure a high quality basic education for all poor children in Vietnam, particularly for ethnic minorities and girls. The project which the school in San Sa Ho was a part of project active from 2003-2007 specifically aimed to improve access to and quality of primary education throughout Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province.

Generously built by Oxfam

Oxfam New Zealand was a funding partner in this project, meaning that they assisted with funding, while Oxfam Great Britain managed the implementation of the project. The new school in San Sa Ho has been built in the later stages of the project in 2007, and they built 4 new classrooms, one teacher's room, one toilet separate for boys and girls, and provided 40 sets of desks and chairs for students.

Now need more support

The project report also mentions many, many other activities related to the project (upgrading existing schools, new furniture and equipment, an advocacy plan for influencing the district education budget, provision of teacher training and upskilling, influencing curriculum development, supply of resource kits and teaching aids, establishment of Parent Associations but to name a few)

Another major beneficiary (San Sa Ho hospital)

Our Internet team is working closely with the commune on larger fundraising appeals with international donors. The hospital deserve +3000 people from 3 different villages. Thon Sin Chai (1500 persons in 300 families) Cat Cat (600 persons in 95 families) and Y Linh Ho (900 persons in 165 families)

Need more support The San Sa Ho hospital Cat Cat village is very fortunate to be surrounded by visitors and individuals who give extra time and efforts to raise money for the Hospital. We hope to receive more support from many local charities in Vietnam, groups and corporate, as with your help we are able to provide additional services to our patients and their families. Contributions from the local community cover the basic needs and have a positive effect, helping to provide an even better service to patients.

Need more staff

The building itself needs renovations and we plan to have community toilets and showers with hot water for all the villagers who don't have such in their houses. Not counting the emergencies, a simple cold or a fever and treating immediate needs is our daily preoccupation but prevention care is our major concern, like distributing tooth brushes and toothpaste (as an example) to educate people about the importance of brushing their teeth.

Need more equipment

We also have individual cases such as the 9 years old boy who can’t walk on his feet or the 11 years old girl with 6 fingers who needs an operation. Some families are desperate and don’t know how to solve simple problems. All funds raised for the hospital are used entirely for the benefit of San So Ho commune villagers. Obtaining advanced medical equipment, medications, establishing special laboratories are the long term objectives.