Ethnic minority markets

There is 18 different and colorful markets to explore with Muong Hoa Sapa.

Ethnic minority markets – 18 to explore with Muong Hoa

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The ethnic minority markets

Ethnic minority markets attracts more and more people tourists visiting Sapa area to discover the hills tribes villages They are coming only for 1 day or 2 and the visit to the market is right on their arrival to the train station (or just before they leave) and Sapa is for them the place to sleep, and they won't have the chance to discover the beauty of if …

Experimentation (dot com)

We are finally done updating the North of Vietnam markets websites. Obviously, we don't have the most's but that's fine with us. Most people are creating single pages on their website and we are fortunate enough to have a few related .com's, with plenty of opportunities to experience and play with … Note that those are only temporary webpages, in the meantime we go back to each markets ourself to produce our own unique content.

How many markets there is ? (all of them)

Bac Ha market, Can Cau market, Coc Ly market are the most popular of them, you will see plenty of tourists there (Vietnamese and foreigners) which are arriving by buses completely full. Most of operators companies only have those 3-4 most popular on their agenda, some will offer more but we rarely see more than 9 different in the tours packages. We are doing things differently here and will have those 9 markets on our menu, but will also feature the 9 others, on a different section like a second menu for those adventurous travelers that want to discover the real thing. It won't probably be a succes but at least, it will be proposed for those who are looking for it.