Hen Gap Lai foundation

Life would be so much easier with a designated fund and having a 501(c)3 status.

Designated fund – How to ?

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Restricted in so many ways (to promote our cause)

Life would be so much easier by having a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization and the procedures required to obtain such a status are so complicated for us (alone with no budget) There is so MANY programs on the Internet like that we can NOT benefit from.

We need a designated fund (can you help?)

* How to get an address in the USA ?
* Does a foreign country like Vietnam can benefits ?
* How long does it take to obtain the declaration number ?

* Can you simply support our project so we can benefit from your structure ?
* All we really need is the status # to start our online fundraising strategies
* What does it take to make it happen this year ?

Hen Gap Lai (foundation)

We will also consider creating a foundation if someone propose to help.
In such eventuality, the name HenGapLai.com seems perfect for our projects and objectives.