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Children in Sapa

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I have loved reading your blog and congratulations on the amazing work you have achieved for the community in Sapa.

I really enjoyed my time in Sapa, it was a picturesque place to stay for a few days, although I did feel sorry for the H’Mong tribe as I felt that they were there only for tourists and that their original culture had been taken away from them. The villages we were taken to all looked brand new and I wasn’t convinced that any of the fabric was actually made in the houses we visited as it all looked too set up for me.

I may be completely wrong, so forgive me if I am, I just wish that people like this were free to carry out their daily lives as they please, without it being a big show for tourists. I apologize if my message seems harsh, I am so happy that you are doing something positive for the community – please keep up the great work and feel free to share my photos if you wish. Thank you so much, Kind regards, Tasha

I wish they could be this happy all the time… not an easy life they live…
I found these girls playing and picking berries on a very steep slope at the side of the road… so sweet!
These children were running up and down the steep slop and stopped just long enough for me to get this picture.
Beautiful little girl in Sapa carrying a baby around all day begging….
Young girl at the “Fake School” in Lao Chai… this place really got to me!!
Young girls on the steps outside the church on an extremely foggy morning!
Playing outside the church
These H’Mong girls have been trained to sell, so it was so nice to see them sitting down, relaxing and finally smiling…
Washing the dishes after a meal together at the Church in Sapa
Curious girls…
She followed me everywhere after I showed her how to take photos… gorgeous xx

Natasha May

Hello! My name is Natasha May

I am from Melbourne, Australia, but I am currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

A quick summary of me and some things I love: Chocolate. Colour. Art. Anyone creative. Illustration. Passionate people. Design. Travelling. Children. Laughing. Food. Toys. Music. Shopping. Books. Graphic Design. Crying. Friends. Fashion. Rainbows. Iced chocolate. Walking. Road trips. Movies. Airports. Lightning. Stationery. Life in lomo. Hotels. My bike. Relaxing. Sunshine. Festivals. People. Gadgets. My iphone. Fabric. My CAMERA…

I want to share my photos with you all hope you get as much enjoyment from them as I have had taking them… There are little moments of magic happening every day and if you look closely there will always be something going on that will make you smile.

I hope you enjoy the moments I have captured… I am always so happy to receive your thoughts in the comments section, and alternatively you can contact me with the link below my picture.

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  • Nice trip through your camera. Asia is a wonderful playground for a photographer. Landscapes and characters, traditions and modernity are really an endless source for inspiration. Thx to share…
  • Thank you so much Jeffe… WOW… you really put me to shame with your incredible photography… your colours and composition and eye for detail are truly amazing!!!!!
  • There is no reason for shame ! Your photo have a true emotion, I can feel through them the tender look you have on the people you meet. That’s the only thing that matter, the rest is colors and shapes… The story counts, the cover … not that much.
  • That young Red Dao girl with her brother on her back : She likes following me everywhere too, thanks again for sharing "part" of your story :)
    Steven, Sapa Story webmaster