Chapter 1 completed !

Chapter 2 of Muong Hoa story can now begin...

Chapter 1 completed

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Chapter 1 (sustainable strategy)

Muong Hoa story began with chapter 1 in January 2011 when securing the domain name CatCat.Com, it opened the door to so many opportunities because an ethnic minority village(.com) is a potential solution to many situations … The web research continued for the last 2 years (focusing on Sapa district villages) to end up with an impressive domain names portfolio, who will benefit to the local people for many generations to come ! (hopefully)

For a better “global management”, communities projects were separated from the business activities (each including multiple components) It is now time to transform those into reality and for the occasion, the page About Muong Hoa now includes a “progress section” for you to better visualize where we stand and where we are going.

San Sa Ho project founder

Today marks the date of the end of San Sa Ho commune internet consultation. Results are outstanding, it surpasses everybody’s expectations and it is an amazing mission that has been delivered ….. It’s been a real pleasure developing this web strategy, it will probably take some time for people to “really” figure it out. Steven, Web consultant

Chapter 2 (strategic partnerships)

Muong Hoa Sapa is currently seeking for strategic partners to participate in the early stages of this global effort by actively joining us in chapter 2 of this unique project, which includes :

From all those mini-projects above, the most important is to partner with a tour operator in Vietnam, in order to apply our international strategy, we need help for Creating and manage Muong Hoa Sapa JSC. The real action begin today and exciting times are ahead of us.