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Trying to find someone to help us get started is quite challenging but we live in a world where everything is possible.

5 names + 10 options = 20 months

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Tourism at the bottom : Muong Hoa local tour operator activities are related to the tourism industry and those are the foundation of our actions, simply because it is a sustainable source of income for the locals and our internet strategy is the guarantee of our success on the long run.

Social in the middle : Whether it’s the San Sa Ho project (or any other commune of Sapa district) there is components dedicated to support the communities development programs and activities and those are the reason of our actions. In fact, Muong Hoa Sapa will be donating 10% of it’s incomes in communities project in order to show the way to others…


Muong Hoa Sapa

Exploring the options (in 2011)

The first idea was about a website to help the development of local communities. Then it became the “Black Hmong project” reuniting 2 projects into one. “Sponsors, Poverty and Foundations” knocked their doors on us (for those who answered) for not being a recognized organization, and things got simplified with a single “Cat Cat project” but trying to find a Sapa Partner was a waste of time.

Muong Hoa Sapa

Succeed at our 3rd attempt (1-2-3)

We went to the source and deal with the “Commune of San Sa Ho” of Sapa district. The Sapa Tourism Promotion Centre was supporting us, and obtained the work permit from Lao Cai Province, we were ready to start the project and the fundraising campaign when stopped by the immigration with a visa issue… Knowing there is a solution to any problems, we got into …

Muong Hoa Sapa

Focussing on the objective (2012)

Cat Cat project was in fact so big that the business activities got separated from the charitable activities and 2 identities were born. “Muong Hoa Sapa” focus on local tour operator activities and the “San Sa Ho” project focus on community developments. So, we’ve been working on this graphic for the last month and we finally have something to show (as organisation chart)