Bat Xat and Si Ma Cai

2 districts of Lao Cai province premium web properties looking for their project (in partnership with Muong Hoa Sapa)

2 districts of Lao Cai province

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“What’s the purpose of having a name like ?”

We have been recently asked by someone involved in community development and “the answer reside in the future”. And to better visualize “in 10 years from now” you first have to “go 10 years back” and evaluate the internet progress and evolution.

Think about tomorrow (short term)

Do you remember the web in 2002 ? It was quite limited and today’s latest technologies permit us to do what was previously dreams. Considering that everything is changing at the speed of light, it’s quite difficult to predict what the web will look like in 2-5 years from now, and doing the comparative with Sapa town is realistic too … Do you remember Sapa in 2002 ? Can you imagine what it will look like in 2-5 years ? Today, there is only 1 luxury hotel but there is more under construction, new roads are being built (more hotels-restaurants-massage-tour operators) the activities are limited but some people are working on new concepts for the region. Most of everything is evolving, not as fast as on the internet but you can see the changes if you keep your eyes open. (*Lao Cai Province on Wikipedia)

Think about the future (long term)

Today, the number of visitors to Sapa are quite limited because the train is the main access to the city in the clouds, but what will happen when the road to Lao Cai will be deserved by an highway, or by an airport ? (2020 development plans) There is going to be more and more people visiting Northern Vietnam. Which means more accommodations and more of everything.

A good example to illustrate that is Cat Cat village, an ethnic minority village isolated from the world only few years ago, where you can now see real estate projects (bigger and bigger) on the road to the village. Cat Cat hotel, Cat Cat restaurant, Cat Cat resort, Cat Cat homestay and it’s only the beginning … Taking into perspective the changes that will occur in 5-10 years from now, the question is : What can be done with a web property such as ? when there is Cat Cat this and Cat Cat that emerging from everywhere … Similar to that will be the answer to the original question.

Bat Xat and Si Ma Cai (districts dot com)

We are very fortunate to own BatXat and SiMaCai (.com’s) in our domain names portfolio. 2 districts of Lao Cai province which we don’t plan to use in years to come. However, if you have a project focus or benefiting to the local communities and those unique internet property can be use as the location of your online presence : We’ll be happy to help !