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Hello world, I'm Steven, French Canadian living in Vietnam since 2007. The life-changing potential of the Web is clear to me : I soon realized how the internet could help improving the local people life ... Read my story here

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This website is the blog of the "soon to be" local company (Muong Hoa Sapa) and we invite you to share your Sapa story with us, so we can share it back with the rest of the world : Send us your Sapa Story.

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The travel stories are the fabulous Sapa stories wrote by people like you who send those to us.

In the Muong Hoa section, we are talking about the activities of Muong Hoa Sapa - the local company.

In the projects section, you can have an idea on the things we intend to do in a soon future.

In the progress section, obviously, you can follow the progress of our current projets :)

In the web section, you'll find news about our websites and the web platform we're working on.

And in the tours & trekking section, you can learn more about our unique and exclusive projected tours.

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